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The Sea Ranger Unit has worked alongside of and in conjunction with several Government Departments and other organisations, which are our Stakeholders, assisting with protection, safety and research, to look after country.

Dept of Primary Industries and Resources NT Fisheries

  • Sea Patrols
  • Mud Crab Research
  • Barra Sampling
  • Compliance Training
  • Compliance Patrols w/NT Water Police

Dept of Agriculture NAQS

  • Marine Debris Patrol
  • Plant Host Mapping
  • Termite Surveillance

Desert Wildlife Services (funded by TNRM)

  • Feral Cat Control
  • Mammal Surveys

Glencore MRM

  • Assist in environmental monitoring with the Independent Monitors INDOPACIFIC
  • Sawfish Tagging w/INDOPACIFIC

Dept of Infrastructure

  • Channel Markers

NT Local Police

  • Assist in emergency/search and rescue

Working with PARKS checking croc traps

Termite Surveillance with NAQS

Feral Cat Project

Channel Markers Maintenance

Barra Sampling

Assist Glencore fish tagging


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